Friday, March 25, 2011

"The Harper government"?

Interesting, isn't it?  The media makes fun of the federal tories for insisting they be called "the harper government" while every story I hear and/or read refers to the Canadian government as "the harper government".  (Resistance is futile - you will be assimilated).


Brian said...

My wife has adopted a popular Oz expression "gutless wonders". It seems to fit.
It's not only the first nations that assimilate for expediency sake.

Unknown said...

Orwell notes that the insincerity of the writer perpetuates the decline of the language as politicians(in particular) and the media , attempt to disguise their intentions behind euphemisms and intricate phrasing .

ViewPoint2010 said...

Brian, couldn't agree with you more. I wonder if any of the federal political leaders operate on conviction any longer or is it all just political expediency? I give Layton credit for dragging his ass back into work so soon after the hip surgery but part of me wonders if the NDP elite is calculating a sympathy vote for him. Man, it is superficial beyond words, except perhaps "gutless wonder"! :-)