Saturday, January 8, 2011

Inspiration from a set of pipes

Absolutely amazing story this week of what could truly turn out to be rags to riches. The guy’s name is Ted Williams. He’s 51-years old and three or four days ago he was homeless and panhandling in Columbus, Ohio, trying to make a buck where he could to put some food in his stomach. But Williams had one special difference – his voice. He was an ex-radio guy with a set of pipes that would put Lorne Green to shame. The local newspaper in Columbus did a video with him in which he used his voice and the video became an overnight sensation on the internet, going viral. A couple of days later, he was sitting in New York, doing interviews on the main network TV morning shows and offered a job by the Cleveland Cavaliers. Want a little inspiration on this dreary weekend? Watch this …

If you want to see the entire Today Show interview, you can click here:

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ViewPoint2010 said...

Update on this piece in the news this week. Turns out that Williams was not being straight when he said he was clean for two years. He's been drinking all along and apparently now is in rehab. Don't fault the guy, but maybe if he hadn't lied, it would be easier to believe him in the future. He's still got enormous talent.