Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Can a judge be a judge after sex photos?

That was the headline in news stories today talking about Lori Douglas, an associate chief justice in Manitoba's Court of Queen's Bench. This week saw public disclosure of her sexual activity from seven years ago — two years before she was appointed to the bench. According to the person who filed a complaint against the judge, some kinky pictures taken by her husband depicted Douglas in bondage and were posted on a pornographic web site. The story gets a bit darker and murkier from there including the judge’s husband apparently having to pay money to get the pictures back from someone to whom he had given copies.

The question being debated at the moment is whether the judge should step down? We’ve seen any number of famous people compromised by sexual pictures or videos being posted on the internet – some by accident and some in an attempt to seek attention. Chances are the judge was not looking for attention but now she’s getting it by the barrel-full.

I have to admit that in this day and age, I can’t understand anyone allowing their picture to be taken in such a compromising scene, but I also can’t understand how someone can eat suicide hot sauce. My question is whether judges and other senior public officials are held to a higher moral standard than the rest of us mere mortals? Should the judge be forced off the bench or is what she chooses to do in her bedroom with her husband any of our business?

"If pictures of you naked end up on an internet site, it's quite difficult to say you have the credibility to be a judge," said S├ębastien Grammond, dean of civil law at the University of Ottawa.

Your opinion is welcome … just keep it clean.


Wisewebwoman said...

I could be wrong on this assumption, VP but wasn't this woman betrayed by her husband as he was the one who went free and easy and all interwebzy on those pics?
If that is the case I don't think her judgement is poor at all, apart from the judgement of a woman in love with her husband posing in the privacy of her bedroom.
I want so desperately to scream: Grow up people!

ViewPoint2010 said...

www, I’m not discussing whether she is/was a victim. My question was the same one asked by the media – should a judge in this position continue to serve on the bench? I think Douglas answered that when she stepped down yesterday.