Saturday, September 4, 2010

More customer service adventures

Two more customer service adventures to report. Back to Mary Brown’s on Blackmarsh Rd. Friday evening about 5:30pm or so. Going through the drive through. Voice on the box polite and welcoming. Young woman in the drive through window anything but. Just gave me a look when I pulled up, told me the price and said nothing else. As I was pulling away, I said “you’re welcome”. She closed the window.  Why do i bother going back there???

Mr. Austin’s barbershop on Portugal Cove Rd. Go in for a basic haircut about 4:15pm on Friday. One of two women barbers on duty points to her chair. Doesn’t say anything, just points to her chair. I sit, she puts the napkin thing and the cover-up thing on me. I finally look in the mirror and say “Fine, thanks and you?” She grunts something and that’s the last sound until she’s done and I get up to pay. She charges me $14 and for some stupid reason that I still don’t understand, I left her a $1 tip. She doesn’t bother to say thank you. So-so haircut. Not worth going back.

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