Thursday, July 8, 2010

Those without children have rights too

If you go out for an evening, do you want to have to put up with a screaming baby sitting next to you? For me and an increasing number of people, the answer is no. The National Post reports online that at least one Ottawa-area restaurant has advised customers to leave their babies at home and I think it’s a good idea. Not everyone does. A family has filed a human rights complaint against a trendy wine bar that turned away a dinner party because it included a three-month-old baby. How many times have you been in a restaurant for a quiet meal when a family comes in and the kids are either caterwauling or standing on the seat and making a nuisance of themselves? I think it’s fine for a restaurant owner to advise groups with babies or other small children to make another choice for dining. There are plenty of family-friendly restaurants around and we have to realize that in this day and age families and individuals without children have rights too.

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