Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Eastern Health lab problems persist

You would have thought after all the problems with the Eastern Health labs over the last months it would have been the tightest ship in the fleet … not the case. A friend of mine was in to see his doctor this week and when the doctor went to look up some recent test results, the computer showed in brilliant red: Specimen discarded before tests were completed. Doesn’t that speak of pretty considerable sloppiness, especially when there has been so much negative news about the Eastern Health labs? Clearly, someone in the lab didn’t do his/her job properly but rather than call my friend back, explain the situation and ask him to come back in, they just made a note on the computer screen and left it to the doctor to find it. From what I understand, not even the doctor was notified of the error. Obviously there are still some serious problems with that operation. To me, this sounds like some members of the front line troops shouldn’t be there.  If they don't care enough about professionalism in thier work, get people who do.

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