Monday, July 5, 2010

54 hot dogs in 10 minutes!

Whoever would have thought that hot dog eating would become an international competition? Well, turns out that it’s a mighty big crass commercialism deal at least for one company. An outfit called “Major League Eating” organized a big hot dog eating contest in New York - Nathan's Famous International Hot Dog Eating Contest - over the weekend. The current world champion, a Japanese dude by name of Takeru Kobayashi wasn’t allowed to join the competition because he hadn’t signed some sort of contract with Major League Eating … but when his fans shouted out for him (undoubtedly pre-arranged, say wot), he tried to get on stage and ended up getting carted away by the police. The 32-year-old has been charged with resisting arrest, trespass and obstructing governmental administration. All for friggin’ hot dogs! In case you’re wondering, the winner, Joey "Jaws" Chestnut of California won by downing 54 hot dogs in 10 minutes. (Resisting the urge here to talk about gluttony but I had a problem finishing a two-piece Chess' fish & chips last night without the gravy & dressing)  Bring on the Pepto!

In other weird news, they dug up Bobby Fischer's body the other day in a paternity trial.

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Kimberley said...

Wow... That's just disgusting. I can manage two hot dogs, but that's my limit and it probably takes me longer than 10 minutes to eat them.