Friday, July 9, 2010

Uhhhh, is that really what you meant?

I love language.  Sometimes I don't use it as properly or appropriately as I should, but I love it.  I especially love translations that offer a different perspective.  This headline on the Chinese People's Daily online news caught my attention this morning: Chinese Masturbate Over "The Bombing of American Aircraft Carrier"  Not up to me to judge what is aphrodisiacal for anyone but it was a bit surprising.  You can read the story by clicking here, this is a little excerpt.

The rumor of the "bombing of the aircraft carrier USS George Washington" was a case of masturbation by some Chinese netizens. But we should be wary about whether this kind of masturbation helps to advance the talk of the "Chinese threat."  Recently there was a popular Internet forum post entitled . This post claimed: "According to the latest news from CNN at local American time 21:19 (Beijing time 16:18), an incident took place to the shock of the world. The American nuclear-powered aircraft carrier USS Washington was cruising in open waters when it was hit by an unidentified cruise missile.

Methinks the writer may have meant "celebrate" but I suppose it's whatever turns your crank.  Happy Friday.  :-)

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