Friday, April 9, 2010

Thumbs down to MUN choice for honorary degree

Memorial University is giving an honorary degree to Princess Anne. The only question I have is why? Frankly, I’m about as anti-monarchist as you can get. The monarchy is a complete and total waste of time and money. Princess Anne is being acknowledged for all the charitable work that she does. I suppose it’s easy to do when you don’t have to work – get a few million pounds a year to use for spending money and can fly around the world at other people’s expense. You can be darned sure that when she comes to Canada she won’t be paying for the airfare out of her pocket. She’s coming as the colonel-in-chief of the Royal Newfoundland Regiment (RNR) to present new colors to 1RNR. MUN would be far better off giving a degree to some of the men who fought for freedom in Europe so Annie and the rest of her family can continue to live in public housing at Buckingham palace. It’s a waste of money – simple and sweet. Such a contrast that a similar degree is being given to Stephen Lewis who has done so much for humanitarian relief around the world, especially in Africa. I think giving one to the so called “princess” (their word – not mine) diminishes the degree being given to Lewis.

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Bart said...

You're right. MUN is doing this only for publicity.