Saturday, April 10, 2010

It's all about ME!

There are a lot of wonderful people in this country who offer for public life, but then there are the DUDS. Helena Guergis is one example. Yesterday the Prime Minister tossed her out of cabinet and then out of the Tory caucus in Ottawa for questionable behaviour. Guergis and her husband, former Tory MP Rahim Jaffer were once called a “power couple” in Ottawa. Looks like it went to their heads. Now the RCMP is investigating, at the Prime Minister’s request, whether Guergis did anything wrong. You can sense their power draining faster than a punctured tire. The other story comes out of PEI where Finance Minister Wes Sheridan is accused of using some very offensive language and elbowing female opponents during a charity hockey game. In both cases, the politicians are guilty of extremely poor judgement and an obvious lack of common sense. Goes back to what I was saying about the “me” syndrome earlier – they give the impression that they are the only ones who matter. Very disappointing behaviour from those who are supposedly elected to serve – us, not themselves.  (Check out John Meaney's cartoon - sums it up very well)


Charlie said...

It will be interesting to hear what broke the camel's back re: her resignation. Both of them have sadly given the impression of self-centeredness, and acting juvenile, not to mention criminal. Looks like they will have to live by a new definition of power couple, hopefully one that they define by being honest, more decent human beings, and satisfied with their humbled inner selves.

ViewPoint2010 said...

Seems a lot of attention was being focused on a mortgage that they negotiated with a bank in Edmonton, I think. To me their behavior is SO symptomatic of what ails our society today, too wrapped up in the "me" and largely unaware of the "thee". Been thinking about a piece on engagement and the failure of so many people to even try to engage with another ... the classic "don't look at the person coming at you in case they want something" scenario. Thanks for your thoughts Charlie.