Thursday, April 8, 2010

Kudos to the city of St. John’s

Kudos to the city of St. John’s for deciding to donate $50 thousand to the Hands Across the Sea orphanage and mission in Haiti. The orphanage and mission are run by Karen Huxter from Steady Brook, NL. The city wanted to donate money to a specific need in Haiti and learned of this orphanage which is located in Deschappelles, about 40 kilometres outside Port-au-Prince. HATS website says, "Hands Across the Sea helps children and their families in Haiti. HATS includes an orphanage, a school serving children from preschool to grade 9, serving 230 children, many of whom are sponsored by individual donors in Canada and the U.S. The children receive a high-quality nutritional drink and a hot lunch each school day. Finally, HATS-Haiti provides ongoing support to families in the community with financial aid in times of crisis, nutritional support, clothing distribution, and assistance with medical costs at the nearby hospital." Director Karen Huxter says the money will come in very, very handy. If you want to donate to HATS, visit their website here.  (The picture of the little boy came from the HATS website)

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