Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Bottom line: go home Duceppe

Gilles Duceppe brought his separation roadshow to St. John’s today. The Bloc Quebecois leader, whose sole purpose in life is the break-up of Canada, says it's up to Newfoundland whether it wants to leave Canada. Isn’t that mighty fine of him to offer us that choice? Of course, when you think about that, you have to remember that Duceppe is an elected member of the House of Commons, that MOST Canadian of all federalist institutions … AND … that he, Stephane Dion and Jack Layton were ready to form a coalition government not that long ago. A coalition government? With a man who has vowed to break up Canada? Wow … glad I didn’t buy a used car from him. Bottom line: go home Duceppe and take your pseudo-communist separatist crap with you.

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