Tuesday, April 6, 2010

7th rate celebrities get to dance

What is it with these multiple-birth mommys that suddenly turn into some sort of celebrity? (I'll betcha there are hundreds, if not thousands of outport moms who have these dazed folks beat many times over.)  I had a chance to watch a little bit of Entertainment Tonight on NTV and lasted until they did a feature bit on Kate Gosselin. Because she’s had eight babies, was featured in a second-rate (at best) “reality” TV show and got a divorce, she now qualifies to appear on “Dancing With The Stars”. Of course, she’s right alongside everyone’s favourite plastic surgery/botox queen Pamela Anderson, who is looking very much like that guy that has had waaaay too much sun. Are we in such desperate need of entertainment that this is what scores the ratings now? What a fascinating comment. By the way, speaking of comment, if you want an interesting commentary on how to reduce hospital wait times, check out Charlie’s Hash.

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