Saturday, April 3, 2010

Is Canada a serious country?

The extent to which we waste time and money in this country on the most trivial of issues continues to amaze me. None is more amazing than the so-called human rights tribunals set up across the country. In their origins, the tribunals were a wonderful idea … now they have become a repository of some of the most bizarre allegations and charges, all brought by individuals who, in another place and time, would be told to suck it up. Rex Murphy has a great column in this weekend’s National Post entitled Please don't call it 'human rights'. An excerpt: “Is Canada a serious country? Do we staff close to a dozen offices, provincial and federal, spend nearly $200-million across the great expanse of the country, to explore the human rights implications of rude heckling in comedy clubs? Or, the human right to undress in the locker room of your choice? For this, did the great armies of the West storm the beaches of Normandy? For this, did Solzhenitsyn and Sharansky endure their endless nights of hell in the gulag?” It’s worth a read.

Happy Easter!

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