Thursday, March 25, 2010

My last trip to McDonalds?

Most of the fast food joints seem to have coupon sales on at the moment … flyers coming in the mail quite regularly. McDonald’s is one of those. They offer some two for one specials. I like the quarter pounder with cheese (without pickles) so decided to get supper one day last week. Used the coupon, so I got two instead of one, with a small diet coke. It wasn’t until I was chomping through the second one that I got around to reading the nutrition label on the package. Wow! Those two burgers packed 1070 calories. Contained 86% of my daily fat limit. Had a mind blowing 2260mg of sodium. The diet coke alone had 40mg of sodium and here I thought it was mostly flavoured water! I’m not particularly fond of french fries and that’s about the only saving factor there – I didn’t have fries. Can you imagine someone who eats this on a regular basis? Think back to Morgan Spurlock and his movie Supersize Me from six years ago. What may be my last trip to McDonalds last week was an eye opener for me.

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