Friday, March 26, 2010

The learning continues

Reading food labels can be an enlightening experience. My last post concerned a burger at Mickey D’s … this time, tonight’s supper was a McCain’s pizza (rising crust deluxe – about 12”). The nutritional information is broken up according to one sixth of a piece of pizza. I had half of the pizza, so I multiplied by 3 and here’s what I ingested: calories, 990; fat, 36g or 54% of the recommended daily allowance; cholesterol, 180mg; sodium (read salt) 2580 mg or 648% of the rda; sugar, 12g and so on. Hard for me to get my head around how much salt there is in this stuff – unbelievable. Certainly creates an awareness. Last night’s supper was loose hamburger, onions, fresh tomatoes and some spices with bread. I bet the salt content was waaaaay lower. The learning continues.

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