Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Will Harper do the honourable thing? NOT!

Interesting story out of Ottawa today.  Turns out that one of Stephen Harper's senior cabinet ministers had a membership in the Bloc Quebecois.  Here's an except from Jane Taber's story in the Globe & Mail:

"Reports Tuesday noted that Denis Lebel, the Transport Minister and a senior member of the Conservative team in Quebec, had been a member of the Bloc from July 1993 to April 2001. Some Tories, however, are arguing this is much different than the situation of NDP MP Nycole Turmel, who was a member of the Bloc for four years before she turned to federal politics.  A senior Conservative source said Tuesday morning that as Mr. Lebel is not head of the party a different argument would be applied."

Can we dare think that Stephen Harper might dump his senior cabinet minister in the same way he's suggesting that Nycole Turmel, the interim leader of the NDP be dumped?????

No, because Harper is a hypocrit.  The tories will find a way to make it seem reasonable regardless of the ethics that might be involved.

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