Saturday, June 7, 2014

How stupid do they think we are?

One cannot help but feel a certain sense of pathetic indifference to the Rob Ford saga in Toronto. 

The latest is Ford’s brother Doug is quoted in the Toronto Star as saying Rob Ford was not drunk when caught on security cameras at Toronto City Hall on Easter Monday; rather, he had been working out and pulled some muscles in his legs.  Apparently Rob Ford bench presses 1200 pounds with his legs.

When will this family stop enabling Rob Ford and admit he has a serious problem that needs to be addressed? I understand his brother’s love for him, but one gets the feeling that Doug Ford is blinded to his kid brother’s illness and keeps trying to explain it away.

It appears, from a distance, that a powerful sense of entitlement is the main characteristic of the Ford siblings and as we learn more and more about them, it becomes clear that they see one set of rules for everyone else and another set for themselves. Their wealth enables them to access things which lead them further into murky waters.

Many knowledgeable people agree that the so called “rehab” period has been more like a Club Med visit for Rob Ford when he apparently comes and goes at his pleasure. What he needs is rehab away from the luxuries that money can provide and a Spartan trip down the road to recovery.

Sadly, he probably will end up as John Candy and Chris Farley did and they were far more talented.

(Posted comment in Toronto Star 07/06/2014)

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Government Funded Blogger said...

The guy loves the attention and if the Toronto Star would ignore him I think he would shrivel up.