Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Are *some* high school graduates ILLITERATE?

So say the experts ... and apparently it's getting worse instead of better.  Scary!!



Wisewebwoman said...

Daughter is a prof.

She's been saying this for years.

No one listens.

Grading is a challenge.

Bell curves make everything worse.

For the world.


ViewPoint2010 said...

Similar experience here WWW. Before I left the groves of academe, the remedial classes were bursting at the seams. Universities and colleges, hard pressed for $$, were/are dropping their admission standards and some of the students who are getting in never should be there. Regardless of how impolitically correct it sounds, there was a reason for different “levels” in high school: industrial, general, academic. Different strokes for different folks. The pressure cooker of inclusive education seems to close the door to differences.