Sunday, February 9, 2014

A little pedestal kicking is needed now and then

In many ways, I have liberated myself from the social media conversation.  I realize it’s a bit ironic to be announcing that on a blog, but such is the technological way of the world.  :-)

I WAS a child/slave/devotee of Twitter, Facebook, Linked In, My Space and God knows what else, but a year or more ago, gradually began withdrawing from the various outlets.  It first happened with Facebook when I realized that friends of mine who are obsessive picture-takers were posting my face all over Facebook and “tagging” the pictures.  I’m a pretty private guy and am not interested in having my face/life spread across the known cyber universe.  I got all the publicity I needed years ago in a different life and now enjoy/love/treasure privacy and anonymity.

Then, somewhere along the way, friends convinced me I should be on Twitter so I signed up.  Appears I inadvertently followed a bunch of people (pseudo-intelligentsia) who have very firm opinions and are convinced their opinions are the only ones that matter because I discovered some of them will jump on you like a pack of rabid dogs for disagreeing with them and further they belittle those who disagree with them. I've known enough jerks like that in real life.  I don't need to associate with them on cyberspace.  Memo to self: cancel the Twitter account.  Done.

Next came Linked In.  I put enough detail on there to update friends who stumbled across my profile and were looking for an update.  I also bought the paid version of it so I could see who was checking out my profile.  Creepy!  There were people rooting through my cyber sock drawer who I wouldn’t want in the yard, let alone the sock drawer.  Jettison Linked In.

So, now I’m left with Blogger and it’s a good fit.  I check it just about every day and read postings from cyber pals who keep me entertained, provide food for thought and sometimes kick me off my pedestal (who can’t use a little being kicked off their pedestal, eh?).  It’s also a learning opportunity.  You can see the blogs I follow by looking at the list to the right, entitled "Blogs of Interest".

I’m as engaged as I want to me, and none of my blog buddies ever push for more or less content.  We’re happy demented souls who take what we get and are generally grateful for the stimulation - either soda bread or buttermilk.

So what prompted this? Adam Gopnik’s column on BBC Online.  You may enjoy it.  Happy surfing!


Lisa Browne said...

Great post! More than any other vehicle, I think blogging gives you the most control. Love my Twitter though!

Wisewebwoman said...

I've not embraced Twitter though I registered myself, yonks ago, it's like another appetite to feed and bleurgh, too much energy. FB I use for Lexulous which is an addiction (I admit it, I admit it) and I try and limit my time there, mainly "official" posts for my theatre company updates, et al. I also stalk my granddaughter :D and sundry rellies.
Ditto with linked in but never used.
I do love blogging and my anonymity lets me blog about all that ails, fails and enthralls.
Good decision Veep, I do hope we hear more from you via this venue.

ViewPoint2010 said...

Lisa, I especially enjoy your writing and even more so now that you have found a new venue and become a townie! >grin< I know that Twitter is great for many people, but I find there's just too much information there and I don't have time to sift through it for the nuggets. Most of it seems to be bones! :-)

ViewPoint2010 said...

WWW, there are SO many options available to us these days. It always is the time thing - perceived or real. Good luck with the new show!