Thursday, June 16, 2011

Federal tories have moral deficit

If there’s one thing consistent about Stephen Harper and his band of majority tories, it is their complete and utter contempt of Parliament. That was the issue that brought down the tory government and precipitated the election and they are continuing to show how little they care for the notion of responsible government. It will get worse.

One of the best examples continues to be the enormous sums of money misspent on hosting the G8/G20 meetings in Ontario. Federal cabinet ministers Tony Clement and John Baird signed off on $50million worth of pork barrel projects for Clement’s riding and continue to get away with it because of Harper’s moral and ethics deficit.

MP Charlie Angus tried to embarrass the government into accountability in the House of Commons yesterday, but he's fighting a losing battle with federal cabinet ministers who care nothing for Canadians and out reputation for integrity; instead, they continue to worship at the altar of big business.  “If we look at how the President of the Treasury Board blew through $50-million on glow sticks and gazebos, it is as if the three amigos – the mayor, the hotel manager and the minister – stuff the largest porcine piñata ever conceived and then whacked all those baubles and booty over the hills of Muskoka,”.

There is little doubt but that the pork barrelling that went on in Tony Clement’s riding is merely the tip of an enormous abuse iceberg that it may take years for us to discover. Harper’s approach is to silence his critics by manipulation, innuendo and media manipulation. Stay tuned for the next chapter in that regard.

Harper’s decision to close the SAR centre shows his complete disregard for the people of this province who make their living from the sea. The centre, which answers hundreds of calls for help annually, operates out of the coast guard station on the south side of St. John's harbour. The voice of the so-called activist and new cabinet minister Peter Penashue is strangely silent on the issue. Perhaps it’s time he EARNS that “Honourable” designation before he becomes a joke like the rest of the Harper cabinet.


Government Funded Blogger said...

You are flogging a dead horse my friend.politicians of all stripes in all countries in all times fork the pork.Here in Canada the Tories get all the attention from the media over a measly 50 million when nothing is said about their generous 60 million gift to the CBC on top of the billion bucks it costs us taxpayers to fund that dinosaur. That is where the outrage should be.

ViewPoint2010 said...

GFB, we all have our own perspective. The good news is that we are not complacent and continue to talk & write about it. Carry on! :-)