Thursday, May 5, 2011

Pettiness is going to be the mode in Ottawa

Well so much for the change in Stephen Harper’s attitude now that his party has a majority government in Parliament. A story in the Globe & Mail notes that Harper and his flock are pissed off at Michael Ignatieff for not calling on election night and offering congratulations on the win. Ignatieff apparently made the call on Wednesday afternoon, but after all the shit that Harper and his crowd dished at Ignatieff, how could anyone, including Dimitri Soudas (Harper’s main flack) be miffed at no call? Turns out they were, which tells me even more about what we can expect from the tory government. Pettiness is going to be the mode in Ottawa. Read on …

Tories pout after Ignatieff opts against congratulatory phone call to Harper
So much for bonhomie in Canadian politics. Despite the huge Conservative win Monday night, there are Tories who are miffed Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff did not even bother to call Stephen Harper to congratulate him on his victory.

They know it sounds petty. But it gets their goats a bit, according to one Conservative source, that the a leader who spent so much of the campaign saying he was an honorable guy, while criticizing their guy for being found in contempt of Parliament and for disrespecting democratic institutions, didn’t call.

The Tory added that “24” – referring to 24 Sussex Drive, the Prime Minister’s official residence – was not impressed.

It shows, too, the level of animosity between the Conservatives and the Liberals that this did not go unnoticed.

“I can confirm that Mr. Ignatieff and Mr. Harper have not spoken,” Liberal spokeswoman Leslie Church said Wednesday morning. “Mr. Ignatieff very publicly congratulated Mr. Harper in the opening lines of his concession speech on Monday night but there has been no private contact.”

The first few lines of Mr. Ignatieff’s election night address did, in fact, acknowledge the Tory win.

“I want to first of all offer my open-hearted congratulations to Prime Minister Stephen Harper,” he said. “I want to offer my congratulations also to the new Leader of the Official Opposition, Jack Layton. Offer to him, on behalf of my party, sincere congratulations to two opponents, who have had the better of the night.”

Mr. Ignatieff resigned his post as leader Tuesday.


Unknown said...

The GG knows the ropes ,er protocol, it was like old home week . His greeting of Harper was something to behold , hand ourstreched , smiling broadly , he wrapped his arm around Harper and whisked him off .A relationship made in heaven , or in the very least Ottawa .

Government Funded Blogger said...

"A relationship made in heaven , or in the very least Ottawa" No worse than all the CBC hacks that were appointed GGs by the late and unlamented Liberal Party eh Ursula

Unknown said...

Now you are talking . For the people , by the people as they say .