Saturday, May 14, 2011

Fire red crocs and return to blogging

I always thought early winter was when those of us inclined to hibernate took off our boots, climbed under the buffalo robe and settled in for a long snooze. Seems like May-month is hibernation time for many of us in the blogging world – especially moi. Looking over the “Blogs of interest” list on the right side of the page, it seems that many of us are taking well-deserved siestas between postings. Right & proper thing as my uncle used to say.

There’s been a lot going on since my last post and vacation time. I got off the rock to the warmer climes in Ontario visiting with some friends and family. One day this past week, it was 27 degrees and sunny, prompting me to pull out the shorts and t-shirts I had nearly forgotten. Even invested in a new pair of fire red crocs. As my sweet little cousin is fond of saying … “watta crock!”

Returned to a glorious day here yesterday – nice & sunny with a warm day. Dug out the shorts and went for a walk to get some salt air back into my system. Amazing how you can suffer withdrawal in such a short period of time.

Did a little updating to the blog today – adding a few new blogs to the interest list and re-adding a few that I had dropped awhile back. Nice to see the old friends back on the list and some new ones I discovered over the last while. Take a minute and check out some of the titles listed there. It’s wonderful to be able to ramble through their musings, ponderings, pontifications, postings and prognostications.

Have a few topics planned for the upcoming days including reflections on the Bin Laden story, a few thoughts about the St. John’s psychiatrist who was writing prescriptions over the Internet and the results of the election, especially in Quebec. Enough about that stuff later. Appreciate hearing/seeing any comments you might have to offer.


Wisewebwoman said...

Welcome back, Veep! I was going to track you down as you had faded off quietly and I had hoped you hadn't expired like another old blogger friend (kidding). Reminders to us all to do up a final post along with our passwords for when we do toss off this mortal etc.
Lovely to hear you had gone off visiting and shorting yourself and tasting spring in the air.
Looking forward to your upcoming melange.

Government Funded Blogger said...

Hi VP Wasn't that short summer nice? Got a pair of crocs myself,navy blur.Any typos in this comment are blamed on one eye typing.