Friday, March 25, 2011

Check out "Sheila's Brush"

Every so often, there's a piece of writing that resonates with you.  A bit of poetry entitled "Sheila's Brush" hit me that way today.  It's written by fellow blogger WiseWebWoman (a self-assigned moniker by the way!) and speaks of today's weather.  Take a moment to go there and enjoy it:

My main computer took a dive earlier this week.  I didn't get it into the computer guys until yesterday afternoon because of a busy week.  It will take them a few days to figure out whether it's worth salvaging.  Fortunately, I've been doing regular backups and, on the advice of a colleague a few months ago, signed up for an online backup service called Carbonite.  If you don't have a reliable back-up system in place, I'd recommend you visit them  They're saving my butt!

In the meantime, last week I decided to buy a little netbook computer that was on sale at Staples to have something to stick in my backpack and lug around with me to meetings, etc.  It looks and feels like a toy, but having used it now for a couple of days, I can tell you it's far from a toy.  The small (10.1") screen is a bit of an adjustment and the smaller keyboard is a challenge at times, but it revs right along.

Anyway, thanks wildwebwoman for your contribution to the literary world today.  It made my day!  :-)


Government Funded Blogger said...

Our seven year old grandson has a netbook computer.I haven't tried Carbonite . I do have a Clickfree for backup purposes reliable and easy to use and backs up all our computers (2)

Wisewebwoman said...

Ah thankee mon cher ami! I am so glad you enjoyed it!!

As to your netbook, I am going to the fair green isle shortly and do you recommend?

I looked at one a couple of years ago but the ram was quite poor, etc.

There probably is an improvement? Can you download from your camera? Can you install Open Office?

Much gratitude for any enlightenment
and merci beaucoup for the lovely words!


ViewPoint2010 said...

GFB, I've heard of Clickfree but haven't used it. I like the Carbonite service. After my main computer went down and was out of action for three days, I got a note from Carbonite noting there had been no backup in three days. Customer service from them is great.

ViewPoint2010 said...

www, I wouldn't want to do any long-term writing on the acer netbook since the smaller keyboard takes some getting used to, not to mention the smaller screen, but for travels, I think it would be great. That's the reason I bought it - for both local nad distant travel. Perfect for carry-on - weighs about a pound and the battery (3-cell li-ion) is supposed to be good for four hours.

It's working fine for me while the computer guys figure out the future of my hp.

This machine has 1 GB of ram and 160 GB of hdd which is all I really need. It can be a litle slow when you're flipping between websites and that sort of thing but not enough to be an issue for me. It has three usb ports so connecting to your camera shouldn't be an issue.

Wisewebwoman said...

Thanks Veep, I'll check her out!