Saturday, February 5, 2011

500,000,000 active Facebook users - yikes!

It seems like the world is obsessed with Facebook, and if reseach from Mashable is any indication, that obsession is actually quite real.  A few interesting facts:
  • Over 70% of Internet users in the United States are on Facebook.
  • Over 70% of people who use Facebook live outside of the United States.
  • As of 2011, there are 500,000,000 active Facebook users, which is the same as saying 1 out of every 13 people on the planet are on Facebook.
  • Half of those 500,000,000 active Facebook users are logged in on any given day.
  • Nearly 1 out of 2 young Americans report that they learn about news on Facebook.


Wisewebwoman said...

Yes, the way the world is engaging with others has changed. And forever.
At least until a new system comes into play.
We are all prisoners now. (Are you old enough to remember that splendid BBC series back in the day?)

ViewPoint2010 said...

My only concern is that we call "engaging" is far from it imho. I mourn the seeming lack of need for face to face communication where 140 characters of text seems to suffice. Wish there was more of a balance, esepcially for the young.

Most definitely remember The Prisoner. I became a big fan of Patrick McGoohan via that show. Prisoner #6! If I remember correctly, it was in black & white, wasn't it?

Wisewebwoman said...

News from the young is quite good actually if I base it on my 16 yo granddaughter and her friends. I think their friendships are more intense due to social networking and ascertaining each other's political opinions and spreading their physical social networks far wider than we ever had due to FB, etc.
I managed to get my hands on a boxed set of The Prisoner and it is in full colour.


ViewPoint2010 said...

Ok, now it's my turn to be green with envy - boxed set of The Prisoner, say wot! I'll have to check that out on Amazon. So far, my only 'boxed set' is Star Trek - TNG of which I was/am a big fan.

Pardon the pun, but as for being "engaged" I truly hope they are but my limited exposure points to a conscious flow limited to 140 characters and that, I find disturbing.

Peace atcha.