Friday, January 7, 2011

An understated congratulations to the Russian kids

Okay ... as well as being a cynical bastard (see penultimate post) I’m also a hypocrite. The previous post dealt with paranoia in the airline security business. In this one, I have to admit to a certain secret pleasure in learning that the members of the Russian world junior hockey championship team were booted off their plane ride back home after the win last night because of ingesting too much fire water. I know I should be appalled that these young men were imbibing to the extent that they were, but they had just won an international championship. Hearing about them booted off the plane gives me the Canadian reaction of “you got yours”! Small consolation I know, but the game was ours to lose and we did. Scuffing toes in the mud, an understated congratulations to the Russian kids – you did good. Don’t forget … we’ll be back.

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