Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Show the money-grubbing politicos who’s really in charge

I read a commentary somewhere yesterday about the political unrest in the world, saying that we, here in the so-called “developed world”, are too sophisticated to try to overthrow our government with street marches and protests. The piece cited examples from Tunisia, Egypt, Ivory Coast and other places. It said we have a more evolved system of political management that everyone respects and for that reason we’re not going down the anarchy road.

Makes me wonder just how evolved we are. Images come to mind of the masked thugs who destroyed so much property during the G-20 meetings in Toronto. To me their evolutionary development is on about the same scale as the komodo dragon. Listen or watch the current round of so-called “attack ads” being pushed by the national political parties. That’s evolution all right – American political evolution where anything goes including putting a bulls eye on a Congresswoman and then denying any link when she gets shot (hello Sarah Palin). Or how about the fill-your-pockets-while-you’re-in-office approach used by so many of our politicians including the locals right here in St. Johns who say they now deserve more money? Make it a ballot question.

In those other countries, the corruption and unethical behavior is more blatant and in your face, but we have nothing to crow about … not with our politicians slamming one another while they help themselves to the treasury. I know many senior citizens who gave their lives in public service and after 30, or in some cases 40, years of public service their pension doesn’t even come close to what some of these politicians are sucking out of the system after only eight years in office.

Maybe we need more political unrest here to show the money-grubbing politicos who’s really in charge.