Thursday, December 2, 2010

Will someone please give Stephen Harper and his Tories the boot?

Harper talks out of both sides of his mouth, often at the same time. He preaches frugality, less government in our lives, restraint ... and then spends $100 MILLION on polling over the past five years. His defence? They're spending less than the other guys did.  (It's like the kid who steals the cookie and then justifies it by saying everyone else is doing it.)

Documents tabled in the House of Commons in response to an official question show the feds forked over $99,924,234 to ask Canadians their thoughts on everything from fish to museums to what should be in the budget. The polling was conducted between 2006 and 2010.

Canada’s Treasury Board President Stockwell Day excuses the spending by saying that the Tories are spending less than the Grits did. Does that speak of sophistication in government or does it more clearly speak of a government that has run out of gas?  It's also speaks of a government with variable values.  If they're caught with their hands in the cookie jar (Parliament Hill renovations anyone?) they blame someone else.  Would you buy a used government from these guys????

Interesting to see the Wikileaks documents showing that the Americans think of us as Robin as compared to Batman. The sooner Harper gets a lift out of Ottawa in the Batmobile, the better. Maybe Peter MacKay will drive it.


Wisewebwoman said...

The Feds need a huge shakeup, I am sick and tired of the prorogueing, the G20 and the handpicked pork-bellying Senators (something Harper said he would stop) voting against the will of the people and the House of Commons on the Climate Change Bill.
As to the polling, that 100 million could have been used to contribute to ending poverty, etc.
I can hardly wait for him to be gone.

ViewPoint2010 said...

Amen, sister, Amen!

Government Funded Blogger said...

Its a minority government. The Fibs and the Dippers can turf it any time the budget is presented.Why haven't they? Hmmmm? Maybe we should ask The Count and his Robin, Jolly Jack.

ViewPoint2010 said...

True, but my point was more about the lack of integrity on the part of the Tories. Problem is that, at the moment, it's a case of twiddle-dee and twiddle-dum. Not sure about Robin. :-)