Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The treasure of the blogosphere

Earlier this week, I waxed poetically about the Newfoundland & Labrador Blog Roll and the work done by Stephen Eli Harris to connect the Newfoundland blogging community. After I wrote that post, I began thinking of how much I enjoy exploring other blogs originating in Newfoundland or written by ex-pat Newfoundlanders. There is a treasure trove of content to read when you have the time.

Some of my personal favourites include: BitstopCharlie's HashDesktop_GourmetHands Across the Sea, Deschappelles, HaitiJohn Gushue . . . Dot Dot DotNain Bay; Polemic & ParadoxRandom Thoughts...From Clarenville, Newfoundland;  Rant and Roar;  Rock Solid Politics;   The Other Side of Sixty;  Townie Bastard. (Note careful alphabetical ordering!)

I also enjoy a few non-Newfoundland blogs as well (heresy I know): Official Blog for the Detroit Red Wings;  Sad Catholic 101;   Homeless Man Speaks;  Doorey's Workplace Law Blog and many others.

A good discussion is going on in Polemic & Paradox at the moment regarding the appropriateness of employees posting to blogs while at work. Check out the comments here.

Bottom line in all of this is to say thank you to everyone who labours in the blogosphere.  My world is richer because of you.

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Lisa Browne said...

Thanks! Back at ya!