Monday, September 27, 2010

The tale of four mistakes ...

You know how you sometimes get a taste in your head – so strong that you can taste it? Welcome to my world. I noticed over the weekend that Dominion had McCain pizzas on sale for less than four bucks. Figured it would be a good simple supper for tonight while I did laundry, cleaned out the fridge, etc, etc. So, I head to Dominion on Blackmarsh Road with visions of pizza dancing in my head. First mistake, I go over to have a look at the newly roasted chickens along with the other stuff in the hot section of the deli. Second mistake, I spot a tray of what appear to be BBQ ribs and spend too much time thinking about them. Third mistake, I let that taste in my head think in terms of Montana’s ribs which I happen to think are among the best. I see Dominion ribs and think Montana ribs. Fourth mistake, I forget the pizza and buy the ribs. Arghhhh … they had the consistency of a McDonald’s rib sandwich, didn’t seem to be completely cooked, had too much spice on them and were generally gross. Half of them are already in the garbage. Maybe I’ll try the pizza tomorrow night.

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