Sunday, August 29, 2010

More crappy customer service

Delightful customer experience to report. NOT!

Scene: Mary Brown’s drive through on Blackmarsh Road, about 8pm Saturday night. Female voice comes over the speaker sounding so indifferent that it was right in your face. Drive up to the window to pick up the food and NOT ONE WORD comes from the young woman supposedly “serving” me. Normally, I try to exchange at least some minimal pleasantries, but decided to see if she would say anything and NOT ONE WORD. A note to the franchise owner: you might want to remind the young woman that my purchase contributes to her salary. On the other hand, she probably could care less.

It’s such a contrast with another young woman at the same location who took my order a few weeks ago. She was friendly and polite – said please and thank you and was an excellent representative of the company. Maybe she should be the one training the rest of them how to deliver customer service because some of them obviously don’t care.


TGA Customer Service Training said...

Sad isn't it how different the extremes can be from one employee to the next. Where is owner as s/he has ownership in keeping an employee like that in a customer front position when they clearly shouldn't be.

Wisewebwoman said...

Same experience for me in Irving's on Donevan Industrial.
FOUR waitresses hanging about the coffee machine not even looking at customers waiting to be seated. Only that granddaughter was starving I would have left. One finally roused herself reluctantly and disinterestedly to wave her hand at the empty tables and go back to her conversation.
Where on earth are the managers? Or maybe THEY are the managers.

ViewPoint2010 said...

TGA, I agree with you completely. Ownership/responsibility is the issue and it goes from the top to the bottom but on the front line is where it counts. I see it so seldom, I wonder if people simply don't care anymore - period.

ViewPoint2010 said...

WWW, that has happened to me SO many times at different restaurants. Had a great supper experience tonight at City Lights Buffet - am going to blog that a little later.