Monday, June 7, 2010

Zero percent interest isn’t going to buy me back

Sad news today that yet another car company has launched a massive recall for safety reasons. The Associated Press is reporting that Chrysler is recalling almost 600,000 minivans and Jeep Wranglers in the United States and another 100,000 elsewhere because of brake or wiring problems that could create safety issues. The braking problems could lead to a partial loss of brakes. The wiring problem could lead to a fire. Both of which could lead to accidents (or may already have) that could cause serious injury or death. You want to believe that when you buy an automobile that you can trust what you’re getting … but now with the Toyota recall and now this one from Chrysler that trust is fading fast. I don’t care what kind of price slashing or other incentives the companies use, I just wouldn’t feel safe in them – at any speed. Perhaps I’m still naïve enough to want to believe the companies when they tell me that their products are among the safest or whatever slogans they use in their slick advertising but it doesn’t cut it anymore. And frankly when you lose my trust, it’s gone for good. Zero percent interest isn’t going to buy it back.

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