Friday, May 20, 2011

This sickens me

My gosh, talk about pouring it on thick!

Fabian Manning, the former and now reappointed senator to the pig trough in Ottawa says he’s quite happy that Stephen Harper put him back in the senate. No surprise, eh?

I’ve talked before about Stephen Harper’s variable values and this is another shining example of say one thing and do another, but it’s what we’ve come to expect of Harper. His integrity hit rock bottom with the senate reward he gave his buddies for running and losing in the last election. I have to wonder though what separates the ones who got appointed to the senate from the ones who didn’t. Not loyal enough? Didn’t say Mr. Prime Minister often enough? Well, at least we know what they are … just took a little negotiating with the price.

Here’s an excerpt of the CBC story recounting the interview with Fabian Manning.    You can read the complete story here.

Content warning: take your anti-nausea pill before reading this.

"I was absolutely delighted when the prime minister called and invited me back to the Senate."

"I get a charge out of some of the people that are complaining. I resigned my Senate seat on March 28. My plan at that time was to seek election in the riding of Avalon. We did that, we fought a good campaign — close to 15,000 people voted for us, but we came up short," he said. "If it had of been the other way around on May 2, we wouldn't be having this conversation — I'd be the member of Parliament for Avalon."

Manning said his priority upon returning to the Senate is to push  for reform — something he said Harper and the Progressive Conservative party have been trying to do for years, but have been snagged by the Liberals.

"We tried on two occasions to bring reform to the Senate, to bring legislation to the Senate, and the Liberals that dominated the Senate at that time rejected our overtures," said Manning. "We look forward now to bringing in legislation to the House of Commons and to the Senate to make some needed reforms."

"I strongly believe that the people that make the decisions that affect the day to day lives of Newfoundlanders and Labradorians are not those that sit in opposition, are not those that sit in the third party in Parliament and are not those that sit in the Senate. They are the people that are elected to the House of Commons in the government of Canada," he said.

"I tried to do that on May the second with the campaign team that I had. That opportunity wasn't there. The second part of that now is the opportunity to sit in the Senate."

Barf.  The people of Avalon didn't want you then.  They don't want you now.  Any questions?


Wisewebwoman said...

Two months ago~
Me: I bet you that appalling Fabian will glom onto his Senate seat once he loses this election.
Him: He won't lose. We all support him.
Me: He will lose and his pal Harper will throw him back into the Senate.
Him: He's very brave to jeopardise his salary like this. He won't go back in the Senate, even if he does lose.
Me: Watch him!
Lunch today.
Me: What was that about Fabian again?
Him: Well who's to blame him, he needs to work for us Newfoundlanders and the only way he can do it is in the Senate.
Me: You know we don't have a democracy, right? Tell me you know that.
Him: He'll work for us. He's the only one apart from that Labradorian fellow.
Me: I give up. I really do.
Him: You'll change your tune when Fabian gives your community something.
Me: Oops, sorry I forgot this province was a monarchy. King Fabian? Bless us your humble people.


ViewPoint2010 said...

Really now, WWW, you've got to pick smarter friends ... like me!! LOL vp

Government Funded Blogger said...

Okay which one of you hired the moose?