Sunday, February 24, 2013

The fortunate few

We are strange creatures.  How’s that for a profound & definitive opening?
I have a blood test scheduled for 8:30am Monday morning and it requires a 12-hour fast which means that in about an hour and ten minutes, I have to stop eating until after the blood test.  For the last 20-minutes or so, I’ve been trying to decide what the final meal will be – everything from a burger at McDonalds to a bowl of tinned soup here at home.  I’m used to “grazing” as they call it and rarely stop nibbling much before 11pm or so.  Tonight must be different due to the intricacies of blood tests which can tell my physicians how things are working in terms of my blood chemistry.  Makes me think that I am truly blessed by the access to great health care which I have. 
A short time ago, I was watching the movie Gandhi on TV.  I think about the situation he faced in the early 20th century in trying to bring independence to India and how little the Indian people had, compared to the luxury lifestyle of their English overseers.  As Mohandas Gandhi so clearly demonstrated, for the vast majority of Indians, their clothing of simple spun cloth was all they could call their own.  There are still so many people in this world in a similar situation who are exploited by overseers who are interested only in lining their own pockets and making themselves wealthy.  Greed is a vicious trait.
How seldom do we take the time to reflect on how fortunate so many of us are to have access to great health care, quality education, and food, shelter and clothing.  We are indeed the fortunate few.


Government Funded Blogger said...

I hope the blood drawing went well VP.

Here the 12 hour fast has been changed to a 14 hour one.

Gandhi and Mandela are two heroes to me.

Lately i am seeing close up how good a health care system we have.

John Meaney said...

Yes we are blessed with our health care of course it has problems but we are still far better off than most.Hope all is well

Wisewebwoman said...

Back in Blogland Veep.

I hope all went well with your blood test.

I am currently reading The Great Fire by Shirley Hazzard which has great detail on the post WW2 world and the behaviour of the "conquerors".

Interesting you should mention our lives of privilege.


ViewPoint2010 said...

Sory to be so late getting back with an update. Thanks for the good wishes GFB. Results ok but some new medication added. 3 month supply costs $217.00 Yikes!!!

ViewPoint2010 said...

John, you're so right about us being far better off than most. I think about the team of doctors and other health professionals from Easter Health who head out every year to bring some advanced medicine to those in major need. God bless their efforts! Take care.

ViewPoint2010 said...

WWW, seems the tests form an ongoing part of my life now. I used to think of the old ladies with the Sobeys bags filled with pill bottles. Now, I qualify for my own Sobeys bag !!! :-)

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