Saturday, January 5, 2013

The blogosphere is alive and well and I’m glad it is

It’s hard to know what motivates us to create or contribute to blogs; similarly how we do we know when we’ve reached our “best before date”?  I’ve been through both moments so often that you’d think I would be an expert in the field.  Nothing could be farther from the truth.  For all I know, it’s been the Kirkland trail mix and diet Coke I’ve been snacking on this afternoon that has goosed me back into writing here.  Either that, or I couldn’t handle  watching “I Robot” for the 100th time!

The reality is that it has more to do with thinking that I have something to say in which others might be interested.  Since this blog was set up a few years ago, I’ve enjoyed the give & take with readers and have learned a lot along the way.  It has provided inspiration and stimulation for me – in moments of celebration and in months of dark, deep and frightening depression.  Having fellow bloggers reach out in those moments spoke to me clearly and deeply about the “family” that exists in this peculiar world community.  Even though I haven’t been posting in this blog, hardly a day has passed that I haven’t checked in on the other blogs listed on the page.

John Meaney’s editorial cartoons are a welcome oasis in the midst of some pretty bleak surroundings as are the thoughtful literary reflections from Peter, Lisa, Lew, Mary, Brian and Seth.  Kevin has taught me more ways to use baloney (the meat *by-product*) than I need – I’m just waiting now for baloney brownies!  Of course, a trip to any of our legislative assemblies will provide enough baloney for a lifetime and most of it is a by-product of something!!  >grin<

The blogosphere is alive and well and I’m glad it is.

No commitments to regularity here but that seems to be a common state of affairs as we age, so I’ll deal with it.  A couple of quick posts to start things off and we’ll see where it goes from there.


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Government Funded Blogger said...

Very glad to see you back in the sphere VP.