Monday, August 20, 2012

"Not goodbye just Au Revoir" - GFB

It’s amazing how this blogging community has come together over the last few years. Just looking over the list of blogs I follow a short time ago got me thinking that so many of them are like old friends. I’ve been following their writing for three or four years now and have an enormous appreciation for their thinking and their talent. Some, like the WildWebWoman are artists with the word, others like John Meaney are artists with the brush; still others like Master Warrant Officer Kevin Phillips are artists with the spatula and the measuring cup. Individually, they are great; together as a community, even if it only exists on my list of “followed blogs” they are phenomenal.

Which is why I was saddened to read that my friend, the Government Funded Blogger, is ending his blog. He explained his coming absence by saying “a personal thing has arisen that will require my full time attention”. One can’t help but worry. As so many of my blog friends did a year ago when I hit the bottom of the depression trough and just gave up on the blogosphere along with so many other things. Truthfully, it was the words and letters of encouragement from the folks in this blogging community that helped me through that depression although I’ve never met one of them but surely do have an enormous respect for each one of them.

So, for our friend the Government Funded Blogger, know GFB that we’re rooting for you and praying for you and Shirl and the whole family.

May you be blessed in whatever you face.

Peace be with you my friend.

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