Friday, October 7, 2011

We ARE odd, aren't we?

The world is such an INTERESTING place.

The leading USA Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney declared today that God created America to lead the world. Next I expect he will be telling us that God has specifically determined that Romney should be the next President. Sometime after that, Al Gore will remind us yet again he invented the Internet.

The Dutch national railway has an unusual solution for passengers who need the bathroom on a train line designed without them: plastic bags. You see there are some short haul trains in Holland that were designed without toilets. So, you have to get one of these bags from the conductor and do your deed. BUT, there are no washrooms, so where do you, ah, go? Adds a whole new meaning to the French concept of street level pissoirs. At least, it adds a whole new meaning to equality.

And, a Colorado man who got a visit from police after a pizza delivery driver smelled marijuana at his home is getting free pizza from a rival restaurant. Frederick Smith says police searched his home in Aurora after a Papa John's International Inc. driver smelled marijuana there last week. Apparently the new pizza delivery guy has a lousy sense of smell.

Happy trails.


Wisewebwoman said...

Well God told me to take a piss on the train, in public, AFTER I smoked some dope and BEFORE I ordered my pizza and he says that all should do this.
In his name.
So there.

ViewPoint2010 said...

I knew there is a reason I like you! LOL

Government Funded Blogger said...

Good grief WWW that is taking multi-tasking a bit far!!

As for Mitt Romney and all the rest of the GOP. this is my take on it.

"Mitt Romney declared today that God created America to lead the world" To lead to where Mitt? Armageddon? Maybe,Mitt, America is the final idol described in the dream of old Nebo as written in the Daniel 2: 26-44.

Its strange that in a country that prides itself on its myth of the separation of Church and State that no one mentions the meddling in politics by the institutionalized churches there.No good will come of this.