Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy Birthday Mac!

I have a friend who was born on St. Patrick’s Day 57 years ago today … and despite that awesome pedigree, he says he doesn’t have a drop of Irish blood in him – he’s descended from Scots on both sides of his family (although the intermingling of Celts somewhere along the way probably means that he has at least one or two Irish genes in him somewhere – those Celts were a friendly lot!). He's a writer, a poet, a lover and when need be, a fighter.  Mostly, he is a wonderful friend to many, many people.  He has been an inspiration to me many a time over the years and even in this present blogging project (don't even think about royalties!)  Anyway, just want to wish him a HAPPY BIRTHDAY with many happy returns. He’s having some major physical pain problems at the moment and is probably looking at some surgery which he says he dreads, so here’s hoping you can avoid that with all the positive energy we’re sending your way today my friend and you'll soon be up and around without that pain. Have a good day Mac!

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