Sunday, January 16, 2011

If you blink, you miss it ...

Technology is developing so quickly that if you blink, you miss the latest innovation. The folks at Kaboodle have come up with a list of six current technologies they claim won't last much longer ...

1. DVD Players
With the growing popularity of streaming video services like Hulu and Netflix, DVDs are on their way out. In fact, Netflix just raised the price of their service for customers who want to rent discs!

2. Alarm Clocks
Alarm clocks can look cute on a bedside table, but more and more people are turning to their cell phones — or even talking coffee makers! — to wake them up in the morning.

3. Point-and-Shoot Cameras
Remember when a 2-megapixel digital camera was a big deal—and cost a good chunk of change. Now cell phones routinely come with built-in cameras with five or more megapixels!

4. Laptops
Even though laptops are smaller than ever, smartphones and tablets like Apple’s iPad are nearly as powerful and functional as a traditional laptop computer.

5. Anything Wired
Remember when your keyboard, computer mouse, and headphones all had to attach to something else in order to work? With more and more gadgets working via Bluetooth and WiFi, the age of wired devices is on its way out.

6. Hard Drives
As cloud computing and cloud storage catches on, the necessity for individuals to own hard drives capable of holding hundreds of gigabytes of data will be dramatically reduced. The biggest advantage to cloud computing is the ability to access your data via the Internet from any computer or smartphone anywhere in the world, which makes it very appealing.

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Government Funded Blogger said...

i have a blue ray dvdplayer..yikes

my grandchildren have used cellphones as alarm clocks for a number of years now.

lap tops. if that is true there should be some fire sales on good ones in the near future

my point and shoot camera isn't beholding to Bell or that other scumbag provider Rogers

I have contemplated wireless keyboard and mouse but my wired ones are much more environmentally friendly.

I can't bring myself to entrust my data to Micro$oft no matter what fancy name they give it.