Saturday, October 2, 2010

More money wasted ...

So we have a new guv’ner general. Yawn.

It’s a tradition that we should dispense with, but the monarchists prevail and it’s too sensitive an issue for politicians to debate (consider the furore over the Maclean’s article about Quebec) so we’ll continue to get people appointed to one of the plum patronage jobs as pseudo royalty in Canada every five years or so.

David Johnson is the latest tenant to live in public housing (Rideau Hall) in Rockcliffe Park in Ottawa. He’s held steady jobs in academics and I used to enjoy seeing him host The Editors on TV but apart from the fact that he did Stephen Harper a huge favour with a very limited inquiry into Brian Mulroney a couple of years ago, I don’t see much reason for him to get the job. Apparently, he has the right political credentials or something.

His installation ceremony was heavy on pomp and circumstance. One example. He made a good decision to visit the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Ottawa but why do it in a horse-drawn carriage? The soldiers he was honouring never had a chance to ride in such luxury and it’s only a short walk from where he was installed so why didn’t he and the missus set a good example and walk over to the monument? I guess when you’re called “Your Excellency” you don’t walk much anymore.

In my humble opinion, we’re wasting money on this whole pseudo royalty thing and the faster we get rid of the position, the better.

By the way, Michaelle Jean who held the gig just before Johnson has been appointed as a UN representative to Haiti. If there are any five-star hotels left in Haiti, that’s where she’ll be staying when she visits now.

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