Thursday, August 12, 2010

True North strong and free

What is it with the Tamils? Is there some agency in Tamil-land that advertises, “give us your life savings, we’ll put you on an old boat, sail to Canada and they will be forced to take you in?” That’s certainly the way it seems. The federal government says it suspects there may be Tamil terrorists aboard the boat – just what we need, more extremists who can’t leave their battles at home. Of course, back here in our home and native land, the rest of the Tamils are saying “you can’t turn them away” and insisting that we spend Canadian tax dollars to defend their right to stay in the country.

What makes me angry is these people are jumping the queue. There are thousands of legitimate refugees trying to get into this country who can’t afford the passage that these people are paying. Those “other” refugees probably will never get into Canada because they can’t afford the price. So much for the True North strong and free. It’s free only if you can afford to pay the organizers of this “cruise to Canadian citizenship”. Perhaps the government is still trying to atone for the sins against the S.S. St. Louis.

Bottom line is that it’s unfair to those who are legitimate refugees who never will be able to afford the price of passage. Somebody needs to answer that.

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