Saturday, June 19, 2010

Sounds like a rip

I like Diet Pepsi. Matter of fact, I drink about a litre a day of the stuff. I’ve cut back from where I was a few months ago, likely downing about two litres a day. I know there’s all sorts of controversy about it, but it’s a choice I make. My point today is not about the health issues, but rather about the price. Yesterday, during the weekly grocery shopping expedition, I noticed the price at Superstore/Dominion at $2.17 for a two litre bottle of Diet Pepsi. This morning at Shoppers Drug Mart, in a Saturday-only special, it was going for 99₵ for a two litre bottle. That’s $1.18 in the difference and it was flying off the shelves. The Shoppers on Topsail Rd was nearly sold out of the Diet Pepsi by not-quite 9am … being a 24-hour store, they may have sold a lot through the night, but it was moving quickly. I know that Shoppers is using it as a loss leader to get you into the store, but just think … chances are they’re not losing much money selling it for 99₵ for a two litre bottle. Imagine how much Loblaws is making selling it for $2.17 for the same thing. Sounds like a rip to me. (One other point … when they invented the computer keyboard, why did they eliminate the cents symbol [₵]? I don’t use it a lot but it would be nice to have it there rather than having to go sort through the “insert symbols” menu.) Have a fun Saturday.


Wisewebwoman said...

Never did notice the cent thingie gone, good catch. I always grumble hunting for the copyright thingie.
My $5.99 case of Fresca was only $3.49 today at my local, on special.
There are huge profits in this sugar water.

ViewPoint2010 said...

I don’t use the cent thingie all that often, but when I do, I wish it was somewhere on the keyboard – would save trying to figure out which one qualifies in the “insert symbol” screen. You’re right about the cost of the sugar water … I know the jury is still out on aspartame but the enormous profits these companies are making blows my mind.