Saturday, May 8, 2010

What a wonderful blog world! :-)

In the words of a co-worker, this has been a ball-busting week which explains the lack of postings here. Just too wiped through most of the week to even contemplate sitting down and putting some words on paper (or whatever happens in this cyber world!) One thing my “absence” has made me aware of is that I haven’t been reading my fellow bloggers posts either. There is a treasure trove of content in the blogs which belong to the Newfoundland Labrador Blog Roll. I’ve complimented Stephen a few times for his work in bringing together so many diverse blogs but I continue to be amazed. Just scroll down to the list on the right and see the titles. Some of my favs include Charlie’s Hash where Charlie is taking on the question of how we fit into this reality; The Other Side of Sixty where the Wild Web Woman (I know it’s supposed to be *Wise*) is reflecting in verse on a mother long gone; Rant & Roar where John Meaney captures in cartoon some of the top stories of the day; Random Thoughts...From Clarenville where fiddle playing Lisa keeps us up to date on what’s going on in Clarenville and along the way provides a yummy recipe for banana muffins. There are so many others. All wonderful examples of creativity and commitment. It takes commitment on the part of all bloggers to put the words together – and I find I learn so much from reading these other blogs. To each and everyone of you, including the *Wild* Web Woman, I say thank you!

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