Sunday, May 30, 2010

Economic climate depression ...

As if the weather in St. John’s isn’t depressing enough these days, comes the news that the federal government is going to spend a BILLION dollars on security for the G20 leaders’ meeting in Toronto coming up in a couple of weeks. I realize there are many important issues for these leaders to discuss, but a BILLION dollars???? Wouldn’t it be cheaper to buy an island somewhere (preferably in the Arctic), equip it with NORAD-like defense systems and use that as a permanent meeting ground for the leaders? Once you made the investment in infrastructure, then you wouldn’t have to go around building all these fences. If you were smart, you could get someone like the Swiss Guard to police the place and your problems would be solved. Except of course for the idiots … those who like to spray paint things and destroy things, all in the name of being able to have freedom of speech. Glad to hear that the Toronto police made an arrest in connection with the vandalism there of bank properties earlier this week. If he’s convicted, he should be forced to clean up the property and bring it back to its original state and then he should be forced to clean some of the streets in the city, all the while wearing a large ball & chain … and then, he should go to jail … the right and fitting home for anarchists who believe violence is an answer.

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