Sunday, March 21, 2010

There is promise of warmth!

Welcome to spring! Still pretty chilly around here for spring with only two degrees on the outside at the moment, but who’s complaining? The snow is nearly gone and there is promise of warmth!

James Cowan has an interesting article in Canadian Business Online about how major brand names are disappearing from store shelves as the big companies produce their own. You’ll remember when Dave Nichol launched the “No Name” brand at Loblaws. It’s taken off since then. All the big chains are getting into the act. I recommend reading article.

Nicole Bliman has another interesting piece on CNN. Reboot founder Dan Rollman is asking people to put aside technology for one day in the week and spend more time with their higher power. Composed of Internet entrepreneurs, creators of award-winning television shows, community organizers and nonprofit leaders, these "Rebooters" are people who typically have their cell phones glued to their palms. Several of them go so far as to say they have an addiction to their devices. You can read more about the Sabbath Manifesto here.  (I've also posted it without detail lower down in the frame to the right)

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