Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Maybe we’re all hookers

It seems only fair that the women who went to bed with Tiger Woods should make some money off the adventure. At least that’s what Vanity Fair magazine seems to think. It gathered up the hookers, dressed them up in pretty clothes (or not) and took their pictures for the current issue of the magazine. Why “hookers”? Well it seems they had a price for Tiger and now they have a price for Vanity Fair. Like the old line goes … “I already know what you are; now I’m negotiating the price.” It’s a sad commentary on our pop culture when trash is what sells. Or maybe it's a trash culture.  Doesn’t surprise me though … I read a story earlier today where two young guys got in a fight … one pulls a knife, stabs the other and the kid who was stabbed dies. All while other kids watch. Don’t want to get involved is the message. Either that or it’s all about me. Quite honestly, the human race is becoming more disappointing every day. Or maybe we’re all hookers.

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